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Our approach

Learning is fun and effective with Checheza!

Open-source Platform

Checheza is an open-source platform. It means that everyone can contribute to building and improving the app, from developers to teachers, educational experts and book authors.

Learning Games

Checheza consists of games that are fun for kids to play. At the same time, kids will learn numbers and math, English, reading and letter spelling because the games were developed by experts in education – our partners.

Changemaker community

Primary education is the cornerstone for better lives and better societies. The people who build Checheza improve the lives of others and change our common future for the better.


Our partners help make Checheza a great learning tool for children. Content partners contribute well-researched and tested content; local partners help testing the game; supporters contribute by making a difference through their business.

Are you our next partner?

Create & Share

We are always looking for more quality content to adapt for our users and include in the application. Do you have a learning solution that could help more kids? Or are you a researcher with an idea ready to be implemented?

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Testing & Implementation

We work together with organizations locally in Africa, to test the learning game and to reach out to more children and parents. Do you want to test Checheza in your organization?

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Support & invest

Checheza is a scalable solution, and we already have the first users and a lot of positive feedback. We work on a voluntary basis, and we are looking for financing to take Checheza to the next level. Are you with us?

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Katarina Stensson


Viktoria Alexeeva

Software developer & Data analyst

Andréas Forsbom

CTO & Systems architect

Johanna Swartling


Elena Zakharian

Head of Marketing and Sales

Bridget Pivac

Game designer & visual artist

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