8 Creative Ways To Help Your Kids With Reading

October 5, 2020 - 3 minute read

Children at school

Are your kids at home because schools are closed?

We believe that it’s just as important to engage children in learning at home as at school. Reading takes a very important role in kids' development as well as in their future lives. The ability to read well in 7-year-olds may predict their income when they grow up. We came up with these eight practical tips on how to help your kids to learn to read.

  1. Read the book, then watch the movie

    Start by picking a classic that you enjoyed when you were a kid (and still do!) (Re-)read it together. When you finish it, arrange a movie night with your kids and the rest of the family. Watch the movie based on the book you just read. Your children will get motivated to read more and more.
  2. Test magazines

    Magazines spark children’s interest in the world around them. Waiting for the next issue is exciting. Try National Geographic Kids or a comic book – the subject doesn’t matter. Just keep them curious!
  3. Reading is the best medication

    Reading can help both ups and downs of a child’s life. Do your kids fight with each other? Let’s read. New school? Let’s read. The loss of a loved one? Let’s read. Are you getting a puppy or a kitten? Let’s read.
  4. ...And so is writing

    Reading and writing are the two wings of literacy. So you also want your kids to get comfortable with writing and putting words together. Give them the tools for it. It’s great to keep some pencils, crayons, and paper handy.
  5. Utilize technology

    Devices are very present in the life of kids nowadays. So try to use it. Let them read on your phone. To them, it will seem like playtime. Let them play reading and word games using smartphone apps. Like the Checheza app!
  6. What about audiobooks?

    Audiobooks will help to get kids more into reading. You just need to swap the radio for the audiobook. Pick something entertaining for you and your kid. Parents are allowed to have fun too! Check out storybooks (with audio, text, and images) in the Checheza app for free.
  7. Have books all over the house

    It will get kids hooked. Children’s curiosity is stronger than them. Keep books everywhere at hand. Don’t leave them on the shelves. Your kid will eventually spend some time flipping some pages!
  8. Read to your kids and make them read to you!

    Some studies* show that there are plenty of benefits of reading together. By reading to your children, you are exposing them to richer vocabulary. You can also impact their language, intelligence, and literacy skills. Just pick one story to start with and have fun! On the other hand, don’t forget to ask your kids to read to you. This way, if they don’t sound good you can teach them better. Many studies show that reading aloud can make kids better readers.

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