Children at school

5 Lessons Your Kids Can Teach you

Nov. 20, 2020 - 4 minute read

We might be parents and adults but this doesn’t mean we have nothing to learn from the children in our lives. Kids give us inspiration and a fresh perspective to tackle the problems in our lives.

We’d like to share five important that lessons we, at Checheza, learned from the kids in our lives:

  1. Learn how and when to say no

    Chances are you’ve come across a book or quote trying to convince you to say “Yes” more often. But we believe that, just like your kid, you should say “No” and speak up for yourself when it’s appropriate. Saying “No” to that task or meeting will bring you peace. Being a people pleaser will kill your vibe, mood, and affect your personal life. Just look after yourself and your family. Create boundaries. Say No. Follow your heart.
  2. Nap the problems away

    We stress. We rush. We never stop. And as the days go by, the struggles of our life start to weigh on our shoulders. Often we don’t know how to cope. Our suggestion is… Take a nap :) After the all-mighty nap, you will feel relaxed and maybe gain a fresh perspective. Yet, as adults, we can’t have a nap when we are mad at our boss. Our advice is, before responding to something that’s upsetting you sleep on it. Then make a decision. Are you struggling right now? Stressed? Tired? Sad? If you can, go put on your favourite pajamas or loungewear. Get the fluffy blanket. Eat something sweet. And let the nap do its magic.
  3. Cry if you need to

    When was the last time you cried without guilt? How do your kids react when they are sad or mad? Yes, they cry. And yes, it’s annoying sometimes. But crying is good for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes a good cry is all your tired heart and soul need. Give yourself permission to express your feelings. Being vulnerable is important. It shows people around you that you need support or love. A cry a day keeps the psychologist away :)
  4. Smile all the time :)

    Have you been practicing “mouth yoga” lately? Did you know that smiling has a huge impact on our mood and well-being? Adults would benefit a lot if they smiled more often. Children smile a lot. They don’t need a strong reason to smile. This happens because they don’t have any concerns, but also because they have that cute naiveness in their heart and soul. Be like your kid. Live with optimism, smiles, and hope.
  5. Question Everything

    “But why mom?” How many times a day do you hear this question? Sometimes the answer is something scientific. But once in a while, tough questions about life or relationships come up. Sometimes adults need to release the inner child within - and be curious, silly, adventurous, and humble.

Children are just amazing. They warm our hearts and they make us love life. They bring out the kid in us and give purpose to our days. They give us laughs and good cries. They give us love and ask for nothing in return. And in the meantime, they teach us some life lessons :) Just as Angela Schwindt said, “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”