7 (Cheap or Free) Christmas Activities Your Kids Will Love

Dec. 2, 2020 - 3 minute read

Children at school

Are your kids at home because schools are closed?

Do you want to make this Christmas special for your kids? 2020 has been a rough year. But still, there’s no reason not to make this Christmas as magical as it should be. This season is the best opportunity to start some heartwarming traditions.

That’s why we decided to gather a list of 7 cheap (or free) Christmas activities to do at home with children! Not only they are fun but good for the wallet as well! Plus they get extra points for the memories that your family will be building.

  1. Watch a Christmas Movie

    Instead of the usual afternoon watching Christmas movies, why not turn it into a movie marathon? Every family member can choose one movie - but it has to be Christmas related! To make this even special do some homemade snacks with the kids, they will love it!
  2. Christmas Baking!

    There are sooooo many tasty options you can choose from. Bake some local sweets, or try something new and choose a tradition from another place. The most important thing is – it has to be delicious :)
  3. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

    There are plenty of ornaments for sale in shops. But we are suggesting you start a family tradition where every family member has to make a new ornament themselves. Use your imagination in terms of materials, and to make it cheaper and as sustainable as possible. Look around the house for supplies like paper, cardboard or even fabric. Don’t forget to note the date in all the ornaments, so you can document your child’s growth :)
  4. Donate to charity

    It will make someone else's Christmas better. You can try to declutter some things at home. It can be clothes, books or even toys. Your kids would be learning a valuable lesson on generosity and sharing, and it costs nothing to encourage these behaviours. After all, Christmas is all about giving back.
  5. What about volunteering?

    If you are really into the spirit of giving back we cannot recommend volunteering enough. Christmas is way more than the presents and decorations. And this is a wonderful way for your kids to discover Christmas spirit it. Try to find some near home institutions that could use a helping hand.
  6. Christmas karaoke session with all the family

    Go dig out your favourite Christmas songs and get into the spirit. There’s no better way to start the festive season. Karaoke apps like Smule or KaraFun are a great way to make your Christmas singing more fun! Let’s see who sings it better!
  7. Snuggle up with your kids and read a Christmas book

    Dive deep into a Christmas book. Maybe choose one for your kid and one for yourself ;) Christmas books are an amazing way to teach kids about the concepts of gratitude, family and give back.

Christmas is getting close. That’s why we need to make sure we are creating amazing memories with our children. Memories that don’t revolve around presents and futile things associated with this season. Christmas means much more than that.

Try to relax, enjoy this time with your family. Leave the madness of this holiday behind. No rush. No worries. Just amazing family time. That’s our advice and wish for this holiday season :)