Children at school

5 ways to make learning math at home fun

Mar. 31, 2021 - 2 minute read

Learning math has so many amazing benefits and it’s so important for kids. It helps to promote memory, to improve attention and to develop other basic life skills. And it doesn’t have to be boring! Math goes way beyond numbers and counts. Math is measuring, categorising, looking for patterns, defining, counting and knowing shapes. There are many ways to incorporate math into everyday moments. And there are even more ways to make it fun!

Don’t make your kids do calculations and write numbers on pieces of paper. Instead, follow some of our tips on how to engage your kids in playful math activities:

  1. Rhymes with numbers

    Sing or say some number rhymes together with your kid. Read about numbers. Books are a wonderful way to spark interest in numbers, and there are a lot of great choices!
  2. Using numbers

    Invite your children to count from 1 to 10. This helps them to understand the sequence of numbers. Say things like “Can you get me 3 apples?”, or “Is there enough apples for the family dinner tonight?”.
  3. Compare size

    Make your kid look for things and compare them. Ask questions like “Who has the biggest/smallest feet?” You can compare the sizes of other things at home, like glasses or potatoes. You can also ask your kids to arrange things by size (for example, your family's socks and shoes).
  4. Identify shapes at home.

    Find basic shapes around the home, such as rectangles, squares and circles. Don't be afraid to say the real names of shapes, no matter how many syllables long they are! Young kids like learning big words!
  5. Cooking and baking.

    Make the most of everyday routines by encouraging children to get involved in cooking. Weighing or counting ingredients gives opportunities to think about real-life measures. Also, if the recipe serves, for example, 4 portions encourage your kid to multiply or divide to find other quantities.
  6. Learning with educational apps.

    Do you give your kids some screen time to keep them busy and entertained? They can practice math at the same time! Try the learning games in the Checheza app, for example.

Educational specialists believe that a child’s math skills can predict their future academic performance. If you manage to do one of these little games every day you will end up having an amazing impact on your kids’ future.