Our story: what is Checheza?

Checheza exists to make great learning games accessible and relevant to Ugandan kids, and beyond. Checheza is, in practical terms, a platform. A base. It’s a home for quality learning games for children, so educational tools are accessible and relevant to them no matter their circumstances. Checheza is an educational content platform – but we like to think of it as a community.

Children at school

How we got here

There’s so much great digital educational content out there for learning essential skills like reading and mathematics. What we saw was low uptake of digital learning resources in countries where school completion is limited, which depends often on varying practical, cultural and economic factors. So we started asking a question: how might we give all children a better chance to beat the odds, whomever and wherever they are?

We believe that no child should drop out of school because they lack fundamental literacy and numeracy skills. And so Checheza was born – to ensure that all children get the chance to develop the skills that give them opportunities in life.

This means our vision is to support accessible education systems – traditional and digital, local and remote platforms for learning, that complement each other to provide access and quality across different locations and environments.

Two children sitting with a tablet on the mat

Where we're headed

To make great learning games accessible and relevant, Checheza works towards being scalable across countries and cultures. The Checheza team’s guiding light is Goal 4: quality education in the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

Checheza meets the demand for relevant, accessible edutech content with an open source, modular platform where we partner with the best learning game creators and developers out there. The Checheza platform is fast becoming a global community that we’re localising, iterating and above all, having fun creating.

In our quest to change inequality through accessible education, Checheza keeps moving with a roadmap to curate additional content and extra features for a premium audience.

Our mission and place in the ecosystem:

  1. create opportunities for literacy and math out-of-school learning that supports school performance, so that children stay in school
  2. foster a love for learning by making it engaging and hands on
  3. curate the best digital content for our learners and make it accessible
  4. empower families.

Feel free to contact us at hello@checheza.com or through any other channel.

Children playing on a tablet