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Checheza is a home for quality learning games thanks to our community. Together we create and curate the best digital content for our learners.

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Do you want your learning games to have a bigger impact, but find it tricky to move into new and unknown markets? We bring your games to children who will appreciate and benefit from them.

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Use your skills directly to improve learning outcomes for kids by joining our community of developers, designers, writers and sound designers. We invite you to join our community to work with an international team on this important mission.

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We are always looking for more quality content to adapt for our users and include in the application. Do you have a learning solution that could help more kids? Or are you a researcher with an idea ready to be implemented?

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We work together with organizations locally in our target markets, to better understand the need, to test the application and to reach our users. Do you represent an organization working with kids that would benefit from our solution?.

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Partner types

Three categories of partners contribute to Checheza, through different methods. Content partners contribute well-researched and tested content to our learning app. Local partners are our collaborators for ongoing testing of the product. Supporters contribute because they want to make a difference to global education through their business.

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Thank you to our many valuable contributors

Marcos Rangel

Software engineer

Amy Ma

Copywriter & Content strategist

Jakob Oldenburg

Sound Designer

Adeline Tushabe

Game developer

Tomáš Kytlica

Software developer & QA

Axel Batossi

Business intern

Johanna Glembo

Author & designer

Per Henriksson

Front end developer

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