Help us support young learners in Uganda affected by school closures

On Friday 20th March, Uganda received a presidential directive to close down all schools starting immediately. This leaves 15 million children and teenagers without schooling. Teachers are doing what they can to provide students with work to do from home, but with low educational levels among parents and scarce resources there is a lot of uncertainty to how it will turn out. In this difficult time we feel that it is more important than ever to do what we can to support the community.

We need your help to offer some of these children a chance at education.

Our digital education platform is still in an early stage, but we want to reach out to existing educational software providers and ask them to take this chance to grow with us and make a difference. We are stronger together and therefore we ask for your help to find:

  1. EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE PROVIDERS with literacy or math games or content to include on our platform to support these young learners.
  2. DEVELOPERS to help us integrate content, find issues, fix bugs and in general get new code to work with the platform. It’s open source so you can check out the code on github.
  3. CREATORS to create new learning content in a time of crisis.
  4. BRANDS who can channel their resources from advertising to education.
  5. VOLUNTEERS to help us organize and give a hand to meet this sudden drastic need.

Our purpose has always been to support young learners, mainly as a complement to school, but now we are in a position where our work can make an even bigger difference at a very difficult time. We hope you want to be part of it even if it is just by sharing this post. Thank you and stay safe <3

Feel free to contact us at or through any other channel.

Below are the specifications for content to fit our platform.

Digital learning games must:

  • be a web app

... and we will give a game priority if it

  • is lightweight
  • is for children age 4-8
  • practices Literacy and Mathematics
  • has proven effect on learning
  • has design that is universal or works well for an African audience
  • is in English

Open source or proprietary games - both work!

Digital story books should preferably be

  • for children age 4-8
  • relevant in a Sub-saharan Africa setting
  • in English

and an extra plus if it comes with an audio recording.

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